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Are you already eating relatively healthy, exercising enough, doing all the right things, 
but are still getting sick?
Your immune system’s strength is more important today than ever before. The average adult gets sick 2 to 4 times a year and some seasonal problems only get worse as we age. Many people simply resort to vitamin C once it’s too late because they don’t know that there’s another option… 
“Th Plus balances the body’s immunity to prevent infections and increase stamina. 
It also improves skin complexion and sleep quality.” Dr. Pichaet
Th Plus is made from a synergistic mixture of refined extracts from Mangosteen, Sesame, 
Isolated Soy Protein, Centella, and Guava. The Immune Stimulating Formula in Th Plus boosts the efficiency of natural killer T cells for eradicating foreign pathogens such as 
fungus, bacteria, viruses, tumors, and cancer cells. 
chart explaining key benefits of th plus
Can you afford to get sick?
Not only is getting sick a burden financially due to missed days at work, it also negatively impacts activities with family and friends, and the time you are able to spend doing the things you love.
Setting up the perfect vacation takes a lot of time. You look forward to it for months, spend days packing, only to arrive at your destination and then come down with a cold or the flu. 

Having children means attending their events and cheering them on. Nothing is more upsetting than missing a child's performance on stage or on a field because of illness.

How unfortunate to have tickets to a fabulous concert and having to miss it or being forced to 
miss the wedding of a relative because you are sick!

As these things happened in my own life, I decided to look for something that would  make a significant difference, and that's when I discovered Th Plus.
At last I had found my solution!
As a teacher being constantly exposed to children who spread germs like wildflowers, I felt like I was always feeling sick. And it seemed like every time I flew on an airplane, I would get sick the next day or two. 

I would take vitamin C and echinacea at the first sign of illness, but that wasn't enough. I missed more events than I care to remember. I was tired of getting sick!

Not only that, but so many of my friends, family members, and colleagues were being diagnosed with serious illnesses like cancer. I wanted to protect myself and my family from ever having to go through that experience.

At that same time, an acquaintance of mine began sharing his experience with an immune support product from Thailand. He said he was sleeping better and his allergies had totally cleared up. He shared research that showed this product increased T-helper cells up to 517% naturally which boosted a person's immunity and white blood cells.
I was intrigued and as I researched the product I found...
People were getting healthier.
People were sleeping better.
People were living their lives with more energy.
I knew I had found what I was looking for. Since taking Th Plus, I have not had a cold, sinus infection, or the flu. I have been so healthy! It feels great knowing that I am doing everything I can to protect myself and my family from illness and disease. 
Take charge of your own health today. A healthy future can be yours!
-Dawn Fulcer
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a 
“30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of all of our products. If for any reason you wish to return your Th Plus, 
we will promptly issue a refund.
“Th Plus has made the most incredible impact on my health than I would have ever expected. For so many years I suffered from mood swings, allergies, yeast and bacteria infections. I now have a peace of mind what is going on in my body, I’m healing!! Thank you Th Plus and HEAL.”
~ Gina ~
“Th Plus is amazing. It has helped both me and my rescue dog. I have suffered with reactions to dust, dander and pollen all of my life. My rescue pup got sick in the shelter kennel. We are both breathing free and happy today. It’s worth it!”
~ Jane ~
“All I can say is this is my first spring/summer season in my 60 plus years that I haven’t barely a sneeze. I have always had extremely bad allergies and the last few years take daily doses of otc aids. I can probably count on my hands how many times I needed to use either. From a chronic sneezer, runny itchy eye, headache, plugged up human this is such an incredible experience. Love me some TH Plus!”
~ Deb ~
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